4 Year Old Boy Remembers Past Lives

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: CHARLIE BETTY, FOUR, WHO TALKS ABOUT HIS PAST LIVES) A mum was forced to explain to her son’s teacher that her husband had not drowned – because the youngster told her about dead loved ones from his PAST LIVES. Megan Betty, from Bridgwater, Somerset, says her son Charlie began telling strange stories from as soon as he could speak when the youngster was just two years old. The 27-year-old mum was stunned when the tot described how he had died when he was a baby after choking on something and that his ‘mother’ was very upset. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY

This is a pretty great story about a 4 year old child who has very clear and convincing memories of his past life. (which don’t, unfortunately, include the parents in his current one 🙂

Pretty interesting and much more common than many people believe – children’s past life memories are actually some of the most compelling cases for reincarnation, and have been studied extensively by science. (Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr Jim Tucker and many more)

Check out the full story at the the link below:

Megan said: ‘He is always talking about his past lives, all the time. He uses old-fashioned names and talks about when he died. ‘It’s very strange as he is only four. He has always talked about these things since he could talk but it has increased over the last year or so. Another firefighter breaks down in tears as he is shown footage of Grenfell Tower ‘He won’t say it if you ask him about it, but he just talks about it when he wants to talk about it. ‘I just don’t understand how a four-year-old would talk about their ‘mother and father’ when he doesn’t even call us that. ‘When he says it, I sometimes say ‘you mean mummy and daddy’ and he says ‘no, my mother and father’. I don’t know who he’s talking about.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/20/boy-channels-dead-told-teachers-father-drowned-7647824/

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