Paul Selig is one of our favorite spiritual teachers.  (maybe because he’d resist being called a spiritual teacher 🙂

Paul is a unique “conscious channel”, and his work, and process is something you have to see to believe.

His many books are excellent and highly recommended by many in our community.  (I recommend the audiobook versions, as they are particularly powerful for me)

Paul travels and channels the “guides” seemingly at a non stop pace.  (giving folks like us the opportunity to explore and examine his work in multiple mediums, in many different places and spaces around the globe)

Check out Paul Selig’s event page HERE, for an upcoming list of places you can see him for workshops, live events, online sessions, and more.

If you are unfamiliar with Paul Seligs books, or the way he works, check out his Amazon page, or watch this excellent video of his appearance on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast, above.



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