Conversations with Clairvoyants: 10 Questions with Psychic Medium Laura Powers

What is Your Superpower?


One of my unusual abilities and specialties is being able to see and sense dark entities from
different dimensions and clear them away. I came to realize that there were some beings and
phenomena that even other talented psychics were not seeing but that I was able to see. Growing
up this was confusing as I really thought maybe I was crazy! But eventually I did receive
confirmation from other psychics about some of what I saw. And in some cases, I was able to
confirm what I saw through the experience of a client. For example, I’ve had many clients with
headaches that would not go away and with no apparent physical cause. I would see and sense an
entity attached to their head and clear it and once the entity was cleared the headache went
away too. Over time I learned to trust what I was sensing even when others couldn’t see or sense
what I did.

What has been the defining moment of your life? Can you point to one experience, that has defined your path from that point forward, or that has changed the trajectory of your life, by dint of that one experience? If so…….tell us about it!


During the beginning of the recession, I was in a toxic marriage, unemployed, physically sick, and
extremely unhappy. My entire life was falling apart – but it turned out to be a great thing. Even
though I knew I had psychic gifts, I had lived my life very analytically and logically. I had done all
the things you are “supposed” to do to be happy and successful, or so I thought. The truth was,
my life was a mess and even though it was an extremely intense experience, letting go of the old
life, and the old me, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Things were so bad, it was almost like wiping the slate clean. In many way, I started building my life over again from the
ground up but this time instead of relying purely on logic and societal rules, I used my intuition
and psychic abilities as the foundation. Things have gone so much better for me since I made
that change. My life has completely transformed for the better and in many ways I am not the
same person as I was when this all began.

The best thing is that even though so many wonderful things have happened, its just the beginning. For those going through tough transitions, my advice is that no matter how bad it seems to be. miraculous change is possible. Stay positive
and filled with faith, follow the guidance you are receiving from your angels and spirit guides,
and have patience.

Who are your Heroes?


Oh do I have to choose? Some of the people I greatly admire are William Shakespeare for he
showed that the pen is mightier than the sword and his words still influence us today. I also feel a
strong connection for and admiration for Joan of Arc for her passion, bravery, and determination.
I am also grateful for women in the entertainment industry who have broken through barriers and
showed us what is possible. Oprah Winfrey and JK Rowling are two strong women I deeply

And lastly Marilyn Monroe who was both incredibly powerful and vulnerable and I think was
largely misunderstood and underestimated.

What was your first spiritual experience?


My first memory is of the other side. By that I mean that I remember the moment before I was
born. I was surrounded by beings of light who I now believe were my spirit council and they were
advising me that it was time to go. And I didn’t want to because the other side is lovely, but I knew
I had to come to be born. Even though that memory was always there, I still struggled because
growing up, there weren’t others I felt I could confide in about my spiritual experiences and the
unusual things I sensed.

This led me to close-off my psychic gifts and try to ignore them because I
didn’t know how to handle them.

Many year later when I was in crisis, I asked the angels for help
and had an incredible angelic visitation experience. I felt surrounded by angels and an
overwhelming feeling of pure love! I also heard the sound of many, many wings beating all around
me and I knew then that I was not alone and it was all going to be alright. Even when we feel most
alone, there are so many angels and spirit guides surrounding us. Every once in awhile they will
reveal themselves in this way and when they do, it is most magical.

What books have you read that inspire you?

I am an avid reader and grew up reading voraciously. I loved CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and
as an adult I discovered JK Rowling and love her books as well. Even though people
don’t often think of comic books as books, comic books and the stories they tell have
been extremely influential for me and helped me have a context for some of my unusual
abilities. In comic books, my abilities and some that were more stupendous were possible.
In particular Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Black Widow were my favorites because
they were all very strong and powerful female characters.

And though William Shakespeare was a playwright and a poet, I have loved reading and
watching his plays so I must include him in this list too.

What challenges have you faced to get where you are today?

Many people think that “light workers” or that those of us who are committed to spiritual service,
to helping, healing or offering hope to others……have lived picture perfect lives. Of course, this
isn’t true – and some of the wisest and most wonderfully authentic helpers, healers and spiritual
teachers I’ve met are warriors of truth and personal transformation, who have overcome
incredible odds, to become who they are today. If you’ve had a challenge (or still have a
challenge!) – sharing it can be one of the greatest gifts you give those who need you most.

Getting myself out of a toxic marriage and turning my health around were very pivotal for me. I am
actually sure that my health crisis and marriage were very connected. My body was telling me that I
needed to make huge changes in order to survive and thrive. I had not been listening to myself or
my spirit guides and my body was screaming at me to pay attention. Even though there were
physical aspects to what I was going through, as soon as I got out of my relationship and started
on my spiritual path, I noticed drastic physical changes. When we are sick, so often we approach
the problem from a purely physical perspective when it is extremely important to ask what our
bodies are telling us.

What do you love?


I love doing things that bring joy, peace, clarity, and ease to myself and others. One of my favorite
things about working with angels is that they helped me understand how to better tap into winwin situations. There is no need to be a martyr and to suffer in order to help others.

This was a huge lesson for me. By releasing this unhealthy pattern of trying to save and rescue others, I was
able to save myself in the process and also help others in a more productive way. We can help
others and have a wonderful life ourselves.

I am still learning every day how to do this better.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?


My guess is that most people would be surprised to learn that I have a wild-side and am a bit of a
dare-devil. I am a fire performer and have done tricks in cars. I’ve practiced martial arts and am
fascinated by acrobatics and the more awe-inspiring things that are possible. On my bucket list is to
take stunt-driving classes.

What do you believe that other people would think is crazy?


Many beings and creatures that people think of as fictitious or mythical are parts of my reality.
Angels, demons, ghosts, and real even if they are typically not in our dimension. There are
many people that most assume are humans when they may be vampire, werewolf, or an extra
terrestrial being. I have experienced and seen things in my life that sound like they are out of a
supernatural or science fiction novel. So many things slip by unnoticed by others because they
appear normal. As I developed my psychic abilities, I was amazed by how many non-humans
there are living in what we tend to think of as the human world.

Tell us your favorite spiritual experience?


I have had some incredible experiences with celebrity spirits and one of my favorite involves
Marilyn Monroe. I was at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California when she showed up. For
those who don’t know the Roosevelt Hotel is very significant in Hollywood and the film business.
The hotel is right off Hollywood Blvd. and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was the site of the
first Academy Awards. Marilyn actually lived at the Roosevelt early in her career when the rooms
around the pool were apartments.

One of her first professional photo shoots was also at the
Roosevelt pool. When she appeared, she told me she liked the Roosevelt because it reminded her of
a time when she was young, innocent and happy. She didn’t stay long and she was just sharing a
little bit about her time there and how she enjoyed relaxing at the pool. She is such a sweet spirit
and it was so wonderful to connect with her there. This happened before I moved there and it felt
like she was welcoming me to Los Angeles.

Marilyn was truly a star in every sense of the word and
her light touched so many – there is a reason she became an icon, it was not just her beauty but her
soul that touched others. It was an honor to connect with her there.

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