Best Psychic Near Me?

We’re getting a lot of suggestions via our FB page for the best ways of finding the “best psychic near me” – a very common search term for folks looking to hire good psychics (or mediums) and one that is RIFE and run over with terrible results in Google.  (many of the top sites for “psychic near me” are run by folks we know are NOT only not the best……they’re also not the most honest as well 🙁

Here is the thing:  At the LOW end of the bar –

If you want a low cost psychic reading, and want it to be “close” to you geographically, consider a phone reading with a popular psychic service like Psychic Source, first.

Why?  Because they are super affordable, and often offer money back guarantees, too.  (you can get a low cost reading for $10 or $20 if it’s your first time)

If you want to find REAL psychics who have good reputations, and insist on using a “directory” –

Try Yelp, first.  I recommend YELP before directories that claim to “investigate and rate the BEST psychic mediums”, because YELP is relatively accurate and updated with regard to reviews.  In other words – if you have a bad reading, it’s easy to share that experience on YELP, and have the world know about it.  On some of these other “association” sites – you’ll struggle to find ANY bad reviews, simply because they don’t post them – making all of their “psychics” look legitimate, accurate and “amazing” as one directory likes to use to describe every single reading…..on there 🙂

Go to Meetups, Spiritualist churches, events, and ask friends and family FIRST.

We just had someone recommend “Fash” (a new service directory)as a great place to find psychics near me.

As always, we’d love to hear from you as well!  Share your experineces with us on FB, or if you prefer, in the comments below.







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