Natalie Sudman Psychic Medium, Inspirational Author, Artist & Near Death Experience Survivor Extraordinaire

Natalie Sudman has always been one of my favorite NDE survivor stories. Her NDE (in Iraq) is truly a transformational adventure for those of us lucky enough to hear her speak – filled with deep details, rich rewards and an inspirational intelligence and intuition that is often NOT found in so many spiritual stories.

Natalie’s first book (Application of Impossible Things) is a MUST read for anyone on the spiritual seekers path. It’s warm, witty, accessible and well written. Her interviews are a reminder that one not be firmly footed in the “new age” movement to have a deep, accessible and intelligent adventure with the magic and mystery of ethereal experience.

Natalie is also a highly in-demand psychic medium, and you can see her rates and availablity for readings, here. (she does wonderful art work as well – which you can see linked from her psychic/medium page as well)

We are doing our best to feature some of the exceptional spiritual teachers, healers, helpers, light workers, inspirational artists, and enlightened leaders in the spiritual growth space….so if you know of anyone we need to know about, please share with us on FB, or in the community comments below!

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