How to Tell a Psychic Medium is a Fake

Are you worried about fake psychics or mediums who are making it up?

There are lots of people out there who mean well, but aren’t really all that gifted. There are also lots of “mediums” who are completely fake, and have no more psychic gifts than my aunt Edna, who couldn’t see 9 feet in front of her, let alone what was happening a day away 🙂

Fake psychics, or clairvoyants who are “con” artists and mediums who are merely making it all up are a BIG problem in the intuitive consulting industry. Of course, the punchline is, most skeptics will say that ALL mediums are fake, and that there is no such thing as a “real” psychic, so the whole question of “how to tell if a medium is fake” is a silly one.

But that’s NOT true either. There are many exceptionally gifted people in the world, who have unusual, profound and powerful gifts that point to something magical and mysterious about the cosmic connection between us all, and that suggests, that much of what we think of as reality is merely a slender shred of what is ultimately TRUE about all of existence.

So how do we know if a psychic is fake?

Beware of people who claim to be “right” a specific percentage of the time. (psychics who claim to be accurate 90% of the time make me laugh – this is a fake claim that rarely holds up to scrutiny)

Beware of anyone who claims to be able to remove curses, place curses, or who aims (or claims) to be able to perform “magic” in the world….on your behalf, for a fee. (e.g. – someone who will bring back a lover, change someones heart or mind, or do something illicit for money – they are a scam)

If someone feels overly self promotional and feels the need to tell you how famous they are, how important they are, how gifted they are, or anything else that sounds like something all about THEIR specialness – experience dictates, they are probably more of a narcissist, and less of a healer, helper or spiritual servant. There IS in fact a huge problem in the psychic and spiritual services marketplace with broken people who use the claim of “spiritual gifts” to give their own lives meaning – which is 100% fine, until those same people start selling expensive services to other vulnerable people, in their moments of deep need.

What have your experiences been? HAve you had a bad reading? Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below.

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