Felix Lee Lerma Reviews

Has anyone had a reading with San Fransisco psychic medium Felix Lee Lerma?

Many people have asked about Felix over the years, and while we have very little personal experience with his readings (nor does it appear like he is very active on Facebook or elsewhere) he’s been quite a highly rated and well reviewed SF medium on Yelp, and many of our readers who have enjoyed the “Channeling Erik” books and videos, have said he participated there as well.

You can see his website and reading rates here. (Felix Lee Lerma readings)

You can see his profile on our directory here – although it hasn’t been updated in a long while.

You can see Felix on Facebook on his profile info. (also not updated for a while)

But, with lots of inquiries for good mediums in Northern California, and lots of interest in Felix directly, and with so many positive reviews on YELP, it’s worth asking – have you had a reading with Felix Lerma – or know someone who has? Share with our community in the comments, or on FB here!


  • “Felix is the real deal and completely worth the money for the guidance and peace he brings.” in 35 reviews

  • Regina P.

    “He was able to connect with two family members that have passed and knew little details about them that nobody else would know.” in 14 reviews

  • maranda w.

    “I was smiling for days– and i can’t say enough how much he’s changed my perspective about the spirit world.” in 8 reviews

  1. I had a reading with Felix Lerma this past April, I went in somewhat skeptical. I had heard that it is best to have some people in mind that you would like to come thru, so I went with two specific people that had passed that I would like to hear from. The minute I sat down, one after the other came thru and what they each chose to validate themselves only I would know. It would be impossible for this medium to have guessed these specific things about these specific people. I am still amazed.

  2. Felix is the real deal. I watched him read 9 of my closest friends and there is no way he could know the specific details of each of their lives! Absolutely amazing! He’s booked out 6 months now, which I’m sure is about to reach a year wait list! wow!

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