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Now Reading: What is a Medium Reading Like? (A New Series on Psychic Medium Readings For the Public and Professionals Alike)


What is a Medium Reading Like? (A New Series on Psychic Medium Readings For the Public and Professionals Alike)

svgMarch 5, 2018Musingsangela

What happens during a medium reading? Are psychic mediums born different? What are their BRAINS doing when they “speak to spirit?” Have mediums been studied by scientists, and if yes….what have been the results?

There is lots of information out there about what happens during a medium reading for both the public, and those of us in the professional mediumship field as well. (both as publishers, teachers, and professionals who actually do readings in the real world, on a regular basis)

One of the most interesting findings is the recent uptick in scientific study into the brains of psychic mediums. Dr. Oz, for example, famously studied Theresa Captuto’s brain scans during a live show, with Dr. Amen (the famous author on brain science and human potential) sharing his own intuitions about what he found unusual about Theresa’s brain activity, while she claimed she was connecting with spirit.

Let’s first look at what happens during deep meditation, or “trance” like states when mediums go under tests like FMRI.

The supernatural experience of having the dead communicate through the living has now been analyzed with brain scans.

Their brain activity suggests those more expert at entering these otherworldly trances often experienced a drop in focus, self-awareness and consciousness, scientists said.

In the practice known as mediumship, people known as mediums claim to be in touch with or even under the control of the spirits of the dead. One form of mediumship, known as psychography, involves trances where the dead allegedly write using the hands of the living medium.
And another fascinating look at how psychic mediums have different brain waves, during deep readings (or meditation sessions) here, as well.

This brain wave is most related to our conscious mind. Here the brain waves are cycling between 14 to 30 cycles per second. This is normal waking activity where our focus is centered away from our inner self. Our consciousness is focused on the events occurring around us and makes use of all our physical senses. Because of this, our psychic faculties are the most muted because exterior stimuli dominate our thoughts and actions and suppress any subtle realm information.

Many people live their entire lives in the beta mode of existence. In fact, the moment they find themselves slipping into an alpha state of awareness, they grow uncomfortable and do something to recall that momentary transition into inner reflection. They turn on the television, call their friends, read mindless material, partake in drugs or alcohol, or just go to bed to sleep a dreamless sleep. These are generally unhappy people-with themselves or their direction in life or because they are fearful of confronting something within that may require painful changes. These are also the people who do not listen to the “whispering” from the subtle realms.

Here is a study on Brazilian mediums, and what the famous Dr. Andrew Newburg says about research into mediums and psychic experiences. (Dr. Newburg wrote the best selling book – “Why God Won’t Go Away” as he tackled the excpetional adventures of spiritual experience under scientific settings.

As experienced mediums claim to channel dead people and other spirits, their own minds become eerily quiet, according to a new study published last week (November 16) in PLOS ONE. To conduct the study, Brazilian researchers monitored the brain activity of 10 mediums during trances in which otherworldly beings supposedly communicated—in writing—through them.

“Spiritual experiences affect cerebral activity, this is known,” Andrew Newberg, director of Research at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, said in a press release. “But, the cerebral response to mediumship—the practice of supposedly being in communication with, or under the control of, the spirit of a deceased person—has received little scientific attention.”

What do YOU believe? Are you a medium who has deep experiences while in trance or meditative states? Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below.

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    What is a Medium Reading Like? (A New Series on Psychic Medium Readings For the Public and Professionals Alike)

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