Visited By a Spirit in My Dream?

One of the most common ways that dead loved ones “visit” us is through dreams. We get a lot of stories from readers about having powerful, profound and life changing visitation experiences, and some mediums believe it’s one of the most vital and vibrant signs that you’ve had a strong (and enduring) relationship with a loved one when this happens.

Many people believe that spirit visitation experiences, or any After Death Communication are merely wishful thinking or elements of an over-active imagination, and grief response. (no doubt, many of these experiences ARE in fact, explained away very easily by that very human faculty for dealing with trauma) BUT – there are many spirit visitation experiences that are profoundly moving and have facts and evidence that can be life changing for all.

Here is one that one of our readers sent to us, from the annals of a scientific site (all of the stories are shared by scientists who have experienced paranormal phenomena, and is maintained by a well known and highly respected parapsychologist and scientist, Dr. Charles Tart)

Check out the whole story below – and, if you’ve had an ADC or dream visitation experience, leave us a comment on FB, and share away!

My best friend, Mike, was in a car accident and for approx. a month was in a coma. One night I dreamed that he came to my parent’s house. The dream was extremely vivid. We sat and talked for what seemed about an hour, about all kinds of subjects. Mike told me about the wreck, that his girlfriend had not died instantly (like the papers had reported) but that she was okay now, and that he was fine and would see me again one day. The odd thing about the dream was that it was completely real, but not surreal like most of my ‘vivid’ dreams. It really felt like reality. When Mike got up to leave, he mentioned that he wouldn’t see me again for a long time, but that I wasn’t to be upset, because he was fine. As he walked out the door, he looked back and said that his mom was about to call, and to let her know everything would be okay. I awoke with a start from the dream, and sat up in my bed. About one minute later, at around five in the morning, the phone rang. I had a room downstairs that had been a family room, and it had a phone. I got to the phone before the third ring and answered it. It was Mike’s mother. She simply said Mike had died earlier that morning. I was still quite groggy from my sudden awakening, and all I could think of to say was, “I know. He told me.” She started crying and hung up the phone.

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