How Psychic Are You? These 21 Secret Ancient Yogic Practices “Promise” To Raise Your Vibration (and Transform Your Spirit)

Are you psychic?  Think you’ve got to be born with the gift to raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness and transform your life?  If you believe one of the most widely cited (but least understood) ancient yogic texts, anyone can become psychic by following this very specific path.

According to the Yoga Sutra’s, written more than 2 thousand years ago by the mysterious sage, Pantajali – cultivating psychic abilities are merely a process of following a very simple cookbook of awakening.  The well respected scientist Dean Radin, widely quoted these in his recent best selling book on psychic superpowers, as a path to enlightenment, bliss and transformation.  Read the whole article at the link following the short excerpt below.

Siddhi III.32–36. Vision of higher beings, knowledge of everything that is knowable, knowing of the origins of all things, knowledge of the true self, through samyama on the crown of the head, intuition, the spiritual heart, the self, or the nature of existence. These siddhis are forms of refined clairvoyance.

Siddhi III.37. Siddhis may appear to be supernormal, but they are normal. This is not a description of a siddhi, but rather a caution to avoid regarding or attaining the siddhis as unnatural or supernormal, as that could become a distraction to sustaining and deepening samadhi.

Siddhi III.38. Influencing others. This siddhi suggests that a highly realized yogi who is adept with the previously described siddhis can not only know about others, but also influence them. This is related to the concept of shaktipat, the ability to transmit spiritual energy to others through one’s gaze or presence. In laboratory jargon, this phenomenon is known as “distant mental interactions with living systems.” It may be interpreted as a sort of field effect due to the rarified mental state that the yogi embodies, which acts like a radiating beacon that influences everyone in the vicinity.

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