Can Psychics Read Minds?

How do psychics get information? Are they reading minds? Picking up subtle cues and clues? Good at guessing? Do psychics read body language, or intuitive energy…..or BOTH?

Many people wonder whether psychic readings are akin to mind reading, or some sort of similar odd intrustion into the inner (and private) workings of our own bodies and brains, and that can sound like a scary thing. In truth, some of the best ways to understand a really good psychic, and how they do what they do, is more closely aligned with the idea of intuition, energy and an “understanding” that transcends ordinary senses, and enters into the realm of “deep knowing” and deep listening, instead.

You can learn how to activate these abilities in yourself, and our psychic development classes will help you do exactly that, no prior experience (or belief) neccessary.

For another perspective on psychic mind reading, we liked this exchange between a popular “phone” psychic and a mind reading question, at the link below.

Sadia: There is a difference between reading thoughts and being a mind reader.
Liz: I wish I could read minds, but I can’t and I don’t think there’s anybody who can.

Karen: I think that people that do mind reading use certain statistical structures to get their information and I think that psychics go by their intuition and their feelings.

Paige: Psychics get the vibration from the energy, from the voice, from the sound of the voice, from the name. They’re reading a different dimension.

Sadia: When I’m involved in a reading and I’m focused on the energy, I kind of look at the thoughts and I can see the difference.

Liz: Because we all have vibrations. I have intuition. You have intuition. We have feelings. You get good feelings and bad feelings. That’s energy.

Karen: We may pick up the thoughts of others as being an empath but I wouldn’t call that being a mind reader.

Rheda: Does that make the purpose of the reading for reading your mind? Absolutely not. It’s for a higher good. It’s for giving you clear directions about things that are going on around you.

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