Is John Edward a Scam? John Edward Testimonials

Is John Edward a real medium? Is he cold reading? Is he scamming people, or is he really talking to the dead?

It’s amazing how many people ask us about our opinion on John Edward, over and above just about any other psychic medium in the world. Even when other famous mediums get more popular or well known (e.g. – Theresa Caputo, Tyler Henry, etc) the interest in John always seems to be deeper and more intense.

For some reason, John Edward tends to elicit a much more polarized perspective than other psychics, mediums and “healers”. Why? We’re not sure! We’ve seen John on a number of occassions, and he’s always been gracious, friendly, empathic and on point. People who claim he is cold reading, doing research or other nefarious activity to help his readings are entitled to their opinions of course, but I don’t think, even for skeptics, a close examination of his work bears that out to be true.

Have you had a reading with John Edward? Share it with us on FB, good/bad/ or otherwise – or in the community comments below

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