Will Prince Harry and Megan Markle Last? The Psychic that Predicts Marital “Disaster” is Coming

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Will Prince Harry and Megan have a happy marriage? What do psychic predictions say about the future for Harry and Megan? Will they have kids? Will their relationship be happy? If not….WHY not, and what do psychics predict? It’s no surprise, given the late Princess Diana’s love of psychics for future advice, that lots of fortune telling tales are appearing in the tabloids, predicting all sorts of gloom and doom for the seemingly happy royal couple. Psychic Kerrie Erwin – well known in Australian circles for her celebrity predictions, is making international news with her forecasts for Harry and Megan that are unfortunately, not that flattering.

Check out some of the stories below – as her predictions are not only causing a ruckus in the news, they’re also (not all that surprisingly!) giving Kerrie Erwin herself, lots of free publicity to boot! 😉

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might still be months away from tying-the-knot but one psychic is already predicting the marriage is doomed to fail.

Australia psychic Kerrie Erwin cast her thoughts on the future of the Prince, 33, and his actress wife-to-be, 36, while also making some other general predictions on the wider royal family.

She was speaking up on Australia’s morning show, Sunrise, and she essentially doesn’t see Harry and Megs lasting too long as Mr and Mrs Windsor.

She also reckons the former Suits actress will fall pregnant soon after saying “I do”.


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