What do psychics predict will happen in 2018? One of the most common questions we get from our own audience at this time of the year, is a curated collection of some of precognitive predictions made by various well known psychics – both on our sites and around the web + world.

The vast majority of psychics we know, for example – predicted Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. That said – Craig Hamilton Parker (a UK based psychic medium) DID go on record, saying Trump would win. Regardless of what you think about statistics, or otherwise – he zigged…..when everyone else zagged, and ought to get some credit for being right.

Some of the psychic predictions below are pretty vague, basic and completely meaningless. Others, we’re seeing from around the web, are well worth taking note of NOW – if only to measure the merit of other information and insights those same psychics offer up, in other areas as well. (the Jamison sisters, for example – for which I’m agnostic about personally – have in fact, made some pretty high profile “hits” over the years – but have also, to my mind, made a lot of very vague statements that could be interpreted in many different ways – and believe in some odd things – so I’m not sure how relevant their predictions are, overall.

And – “more people will see Angels in 2018” is a perfect example of the sort of spiritual sounding silliness that most of us can’t stand when it comes to psychic predictions – effectively, as meaningless and perfectly nonsensical statement of nothingness you couldn’t write better yourself – if you tried 🙂

So what do YOU believe is going to happen in 2018? Heard any bold, audacious psychic predictions for 2018 that are worth paying attention to? If so…..let us know, below! (and continue reading a collection of psychic predictions at the link below the article, as well)

Psychic Lyndsay Edwards has predicted that Queen Elizabeth will retire in 2018.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, who predicted Brexit and the Trump victory, claims that in 2018 a volcano near Naples will erupt (could be Mount Vesuvius).

According to www.nostradamus2018.com, World War III will start in 2018. Other Nostradamus aficionados predicted the same for 2017 and 2016.

Terry and Linda Jamison, internationally known as the Psychic Twins, have said it’s unlikely that a nuclear missile will hit the U.S. during Trump’s presidency. World-renowned psychic Betsey Lewis says Kim Jong-un’s favorite number is nine and he could launch an attack on the ninth day of any month, any date ending in nine, or Sept. 27 (2+7=9).

According to psychic Jeanne Mayell, there will be more sightings of angels in 2018.


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