Psychic When Stoned?

Ever since we’ve opened our Psychic Questions section of the site, we’ve gotten tons of emails with great questions about becoming psychic, spiritual experiences, precognitive dreams, dreams with spiritual components, (visitation from loved ones who are crossed) and many other cool, creative and unique questions about psychic gifts and abilities.

One of my favorites came in a few minutes ago, by private message on our FB page:

Psychic when stoned? (this was the very nice person’s question, about her incredible experiences with spirit, after smoking pot)

Believe it or not, as I searched the web, there is a lot of great information out there about the relationship between smoking pot and increased intuition, psychic abilities, seeing spirits, and more.

Check out this article below – for starters – (much of which I don’t fully agree) – with lots more to come!

Personally, I have always had an affinity for plant medicine, starting at 15 years old I began experimenting and having a love/hate relationship with weed. Weed, however, always seemed to me, to be a medication, and not a true healer. Pot gave me no choice but to feel my feelings fully, so in that way it was a great teacher, in the same way that death, loss, trauma, pain, and sickness are a great teacher. Overall, I do believe that pot is not medicine but is a medication, used to numb the self and escape pain. It may have effects which can stimulate creativity, but, so does exercise, sex, nature, movies, music, and discussion with interesting people.
Marijuana disconnects the body from the soul, and the challenging part about marijuana is that it convinces the user that it is harmless. First of all, to all my hardcore smokers out there, smoking is an awful thing to do to your body. Pot is very sticky and resinous, it contains a tremendous amount of carcinogens and when smoked, these are obviously deposited in the lungs. Hey, we all do things that aren’t good for us, but let’s get real. Often times I find that those who pontificate on weed and it’s possible dangers, are heavy smokers themselves. They are under the guise of a substance that makes them feel passive and easy going. I would guess that 100% of the readers of this article have smoked pot, legally or illegally, who cares, legality means nothing these days, our laws are archaic and only enforced when the proper circumstances are in place ((racism, classism, sexism)).

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