Reginald Lewis Reads Toni Braxton

Reginald Lewis is a trance medium & ordained minister who has recently seen a huge increase in public interest across our site, FB page and our community overall.

It’s always interesting to me, when there is a SUDDEN and huge uptick in the amount of inquiries a specific psychic medium or member of our community gets from the public (people will email us, inbox us or even reach out to us by phone!) to ask what we think about a spiritual teacher. In this case, not being really familiar with Reginald (but knowing he has long been a member of our community) I was a bit surprised at all the sudden attention he was getting.

Now? We know why 🙂 Reginald Lewis has appeared on the Steve Harvey show a few times it seems, and with each week, more and more people want to know more and more about him. What do YOU think? Have you had a reading with Reginald Lewis? Have you seen him on TV? Have you been impressed……or, not so much? Share your reviews in the community comments below, on our FB page or by email. And watch the reading Reginald does for Toni Braxton below!

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  1. Yes, I had readings with Reginald Lewis twice, within a 2 month period. I called regarding a relationship gone bad to see what the future held, if anything. The first reading he told me everything he thought I wanted to hear … just hold on, his heart is with you, he doesn’t love her, etc
    Well … I taped the session and after listening had more questions than answers so I called back and things were totally different. You can hear him listening to the previous reading in the background and when it would get loud he would try to “cough” and clear his voice to try and cover up his deception. This reading was TOTALLY different from the other one. This one said he had moved on, he’s in love with her and I should just move on. But wait, 2 months ago you said he would be coming back and to just sit tight and wait!!!! SCAM!!! Oh yeah and another thing… His “gift” that used to cost $40 for 20 minutes is now a flat $250 after being on the Steve Harvey show. Wow!!! Lesson learned. You’ve been warned people.

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