Psychic Mediums for Pets

pet psychic mediums

Todays quick question: Anyone know or recommend a good pet psychic medium? We get a ton of questions about psychic readings for pets (both living and crossed) and the truth is, we don’t really have a lot of personal or community experience with pet readings. There are some in our community who DO pet readings, but I can’t vouch for them, nor do I know anyone who has had an exceptional pet reading for a pet, that i can completely recommend. (i’ve had a few pet readings myself, including a super memorable one in Key West a few years ago that was uncanny in how accurate (and entertaining!) the medium was, but I’m not sure I could find out who and where she is these days to recommend.

Have other questions you’d love to ask our psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers? Visit our brand new Q and A section, and ask away! (I can’t promise everything will be answered, but i’ll personally do my best to let everyone know when new questions arise)

Pet Psychic Reading Questions are here.

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