Taking Psychic Detectives to the Next Level! (A Police Chief Who Recommends Speaking to a Medium)

Are psychic detectives real? What about police chiefs who RECOMMEND victims speak to a psychic medium to get closure after a crime?

A fascinating story about a RI police chief who not only visits mediums himself…..but who actually recommends and refers the public to speak to one, especially if they’ve been victimized, or lost a loved one in a violent (or tragic) way.

Even though LaCross said no one he has approached has ever called him crazy, he knows many are skeptical about an afterlife, much less that people can communicate with the dead. Some skeptics included his colleagues.

“I was a skeptic,” said James Cunha, Barrington town manager. “I would say I’ve heard enough stories that I’m not a skeptic any longer. If he believes in it, it gives me enough evidence it is probably true.”

LaCross, who says he doesn’t get compensated for referrals and pays the going rate for sessions, believes there are good and bad folks calling themselves mediums. He trusts the ones who are able to get information they can’t Google. He sometimes suggests people use fake names so the mediums “really have to get information through the spirit.”

“There are scammers, people out to take people’s money,” he said, “so you have to sift through and find someone reliable by word of mouth.”

Interestingly, the Police Chief also recommends Maureen Hancock (amongst others) specifically, as helping his own journey from skeptic, to believer.

Check out the whole article, below.


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