What does Spirit Look Like?

What do spirits look like?  How do mediums see spirit?  Do people who have died appear as the same age and appearance as when they passed…..or do they look like they did when younger?


We got a pretty interesting question on Facebook this weekend about how spirits in the afterlife look to mediums.  And the truth is, like most answers in the spiritual domain, it really depends on who you ask.

Some mediums see spirits, or deceased  people, in clear and solid form.  Most often, these mediums will say, spirit appears to them in the same physical construction as they did during life.  (often a medium will see a visual image of what someone looked like prior to  death, or sometimes, they’ll see someone much younger and more vital, especially if the  deceased crossed at an advanced age.

Other mediums don’t see spirits at all as physical bodies.  They’ll see energy, and try to glean from  that energy a particular identity, or wait for that constellation of energy to announce themselves as wanting to appear to a particular person.  (this happens quite often in a group setting, where multiple people may come through and a large room of potential clients awaits)

Other mediums will get a very fuzzy image, and NOT see anything super clear at all.  John Edward famously describes his experiences with spirits as akin to seeing someone through a heavy glass door, or underwater. It’s not 100% clear – but it’s obvious someone is there.

The truth is, like most things in the spiritual realms, there is no one “right” answer.  Instead, there is a constellation of experiences, and appearances, that seem to suggest our loved ones live on after death in some form, and that is good enough for us!  (also beware of ANY psychic or medium who “insists” their way is the RIGHT way, or the ONLY way, or claim to have some sort of unique hold on the truth about the afterlife, or spiritual realms.  In our experience, those folks are the ones most full of sh*t, and should be looked at with skeptical eyes for sure)

Want to read more about what spirits look like?  Check out some of the various opinions around the web, at the links in the resource section below.


In the past when I did readings, the deceased people would come to me in my White Room fully formed.  But a few months ago, my guides taught me to go closer to the source so that I could reach out to deceased energies that weren’t necessarily hovering.  When I go to this area all I see is swirling energy.  I call out to the energy and ask if there is anyone who would like to speak with (name of sitter).  I wait and sometimes an energy will pull away from the collective and then form into the shape the sitter will recognize.  I go from there.  I’ve found that doing this allows me to reach more deceased people than just waiting to see who shows up.

I don’t see deceased people with my eyeballs.  I see them as mental projections; kind of like having a waking dream.  Sometimes when I am doing an in-person reading, they will locate themselves right next to my sitter, but most of the time they just appear to me in the back of my mind.  This could be one reason most people aren’t mediums; because they expect a dead person to appear before them like a protoplasmic ghost.  It took me a while to realize that the images in my head were real people, which is something I never would have realized unless I’d had the courage to test what I was seeing.



This question leads to a deeper understanding of what is seeing. Many psychics and for that matter students and sensitives see mainly through their own eyes and experience, so one can say they see spirits the way spirits want to be seen as. Angry, Fearful, Frightened etc.. In pursuit if truth, renounce what you see, instruct the higher self to defer to a higher sight and awareness. In time see as angels see things. In time see only as the highest sees things.

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