One of the most painful and life changing experiences is loving a loved one before it’s time. And it’s never the right time. There is never ENOUGH time. For any of us.

Which makes losing, and grieving and struggling to find meaning, and healing, in death…..the one experience we’ll all invariably endure.

Some mediums, are a powerful conduit to hope, help and healing, for those of us who are suffering through a loss. Lisa Kay, a NYC medium, has been that bridge for many people transitioning between ordinary life, and a new paradigm of living after loss.

This is a wonderful, powerful and persuasive article on the many therapeutic benefits of seeing a medium after loss. Not all mediums have this gift to give. But those who do, often give the greatest gift to those who need it most.

One of our FB friends (and fellow mediums) shared this wonderful feature length story on Lisa Kay, in Elle magazine, on how one journalist found hope and healing through an evidential and transformative reading with Lisa Kay. We’ve had others who have also shared similar experiences with Lisa, and after finally setting aside some time to absorb this feature article earlier today, we thought we’d share it with you, as well.
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“He’s here,” she said. “He wants to talk now.” Then, as if she were talking to someone else: “I like to get paid first.” Then, addressing me, “Can you even do this now? Are you free?” Terrified and exhilarated, I said yes. This is how it began:

Lisa Kay: Who’s David? Who’s David? He has grown. He says, “He has grown.” Testing, trial control. He’s talking about goldfish. And marzipan. He doesn’t like it.

Lisa Chase: I have no idea what that means….

LK: Acknowledging James. He’s acknowledging someone named James. Are you writing this down? You should write this all down. Even if it doesn’t make sense now, it will later.

James, of course, was Peter’s brother. I was running around my house, looking for scraps of paper to write on. I found a bill from a local stationery store, forms sent home from Davey’s school, a confirmation for a flight to Atlanta. I was frantically scribbling on the backs of all of them, grateful I knew how to take shorthand notes from my years as a reporter, because she was talking so fast, her melodic voice—she once thought about pursuing a career as a singer—stopping and starting, darting from subject to subject.

LK: He’s talking about a ball. He says, ‘Find the signed ball in the bag and give it to David.’

While Peter was in the hospital, a good friend, knowing he loved the Yankees and particularly Joe Torre, their longtime manager, got Torre to sign a baseball—a talisman. But the day I brought it in, Peter shook his head. “I can’t,” he said. “Put it away.” I didn’t know why it upset him, but I put the ball in his closet, in a canvas bag that I’d packed with his clothes and toiletries to bring to the hospital.

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