What do the dying know that we don’t? What do the dying SEE or experience or feel, that we can’t? What glimmer or glimpse into the invisible world that awaits are available to those close to making the transition? Or, as many others argue, are ALL end of life and spiritually transformative experiences merely the blips of bad brain, on the precipice of fading away into oblivion?

There are many inspiring stories about what people see and experience close to death. Many mediums (including many we have listed here) have shared some incredible things they’ve felt, witnessed or seen as the spirit leaves the body. But, can they be believed? Or is that too, just wishful thinking? The best evidence often comes from caregivers in hospital settings, who witness the wild, weird and often wonderful things that people say, see and do as they leave this life. Some of the incredible stories below are an example of this and are hard to explain away.

What do you believe?


he mysterious exception is “terminal lucidity,” a term coined by the biologist Michael Nahm in 2009 to describe the brief state of clarity and energy that sometimes precedes death. Alexander Batthyány, another contemporary expert on dying, calls it “the light before the end of the tunnel.”

A 5-year-old boy in a coma for three weeks suddenly regains consciousness. He thanks his family for letting him go and tells them he’ll be dying soon. The next day, he does.

A 26-year-old woman with severe mental disabilities hasn’t spoken a word for years. Suddenly, she sings, “Where does the soul find its home, its peace? Peace, peace, heavenly peace!” The year is 1922. She sings for half an hour and then she passes away. The episode is witnessed by two prominent physicians and later recounted by them separately, at least five times, with identical descriptions.


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