Chris Stillar is one of the more popular mediums in our community, and one of the best known spiritual psychics in Canada, too

One of our Facebook fans sent over this video earlier today. It has been viewed well over a million times on Youtube, and demonstrates what an evidential mediumship reading looks, sounds and feels like, from the perspective of a sitter. (in this case, a skeptical sitter/client who wasn’t a big fan of psychic mediums, or a believer in the afterlife, prior to this experience)

Many mediums claim to be “evidential”, but in reality, it is a special skill, and requires a great (and rare) gift to provide specific, accurate and actionable information on a regular basis.

Chris Stillar’s readings, and his direct method of mediumship, are a great example of how this lands in real life. Check out the video (and the follow up with the sitter) for an inspiring experience that is well worth watching.

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