As many of you know, we’ve recently started reaching out beyond the confines of our own community to explore some of the amazing, inspiring and enlightening experiences that many spiritual helpers, healers and transformational teachers offer their own clients and communities…..each and every day.

We were fortunate enough to have a really great exchange with international psychic and spiritual medium Pandrea, who shared her very first ethereal experience as a young girl, in this amazing and inspirational story.

I’d also encourage you to check out Pandrea’s website, as it’s full of great wisdom, fun and inspiring anecdotes and plenty of inspirational videos can be found on her Facebook page, here as well!

Thanks again,  Pandrea!  Really happy to have made the connection – and we look forward to collaborating with you again in the future!

Check out her great story below!

Q:  What was your first spiritual experience?


A.  Pandrea:

I was 4 when I started experiencing my gifts.

I was in preschool and my grandmother used to bring me out to catch the bus in front of her apartment building (they dropped me off in the same spot in the evenings). This particular evening she wasn’t out there to receive me from the bus. So, I went looking for her everywhere I knew to look but to no avail. I thought to myself, maybe I’d just walk home. We lived about 9 blocks away and I felt like I knew the way home.

I decided to take that chance. Before, I could get to the next street, I had to cross a busy highway. There was one small issue, I had NEVER crossed the street by myself before. This being the case, I looked all around me for someone to help me cross the street and there was no one. Determined to get home, I decided to go it alone. Just as I was about to set my foot out in the road to be drifted away by an 18 wheeler, a man placed his hand on my shoulder and said “NO! don’t cross that street I’ll help you walk home.” Now when I looked at this man he was unlike any other man I had ever seen. He was transparent, I could see right through him.

I wasn’t afraid of him. I felt very comfortable with him and I felt safe. I never told him anything about me and I found it very interesting that this man knew my whole family and called them out by name. He didn’t ask me where I lived nor did I tell him where I lived. On the way home, we conversated a little bit he asked me about my family.  Before I knew it we were about 2 or 3 houses away from my home. In the distance I could see my mom and several other family members sitting out on the porch. When I approached I could tell my mom was in shock and very confused. Her first words to me were (in a frantic voice) Who brought you home? How did you get here? Where is your grandmother? I told her I don’t know where grandma is but this man right here brought me home.. and she just asked me over and over again who brought you home???

And I said BUT HE’S STANDING RIGHT HERE !! He brought me home! He walked me home! And when I looked again he was gone.. And that’s when sadly, they found that my grandmother had passed away that evening in her apartment. Which would explain why she wasn’t there to receive me from the bus stop that evening. However, that experience and throughout the years my connection grew with spirit even throughout elementary school high school college I had countless experiences like these and a lot of them I didn’t understand at the time like how I could see transparent individuals and others around me didn’t.  How I could know and see what other people were feeling or going through without them telling me. However, throughout the years, trusting in my spiritual family and being led by faith I began to explore my abilities and it really led me to the point of where I am today. Helping people on a spiritual level , giving readings, connecting people with their loved ones who have crossed over. I am telling you I enjoy every minute of it and to me there is nothing more rewarding than a sincere thank you and the gratitude of knowing that with the help of my spiritual family we’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life.. its just an amazing experience all around and I wouldn’t have it any other way its just such a blessing.

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