Are You a Lightworker? Share Your Favorite Spiritual Story With Our Community!

Have you had an NDE, an amazing healing, or an extraordinary spiritual experience that the world ought to know about? Have you captured a brief glimpse into the magical, mysterious invisible world around us all?

Share YOUR story on our brand new “Spiritual Storyteller Series” (called Mini Morsels of Magic) – this is both for our community of professional psychics/mediums, spiritual healers, transformational teachers, and inspirational architects, as well as our PUBLIC audience (yes, that’s YOU! 🙂 who often have the MOST amazing spiritual stories to share. (but don’t the place or space to do it)

If you have an inspirational message you’d love to share – get in touch with us! (inbox us, email, or leave a comment below – OR, #tag someone you KNOW has had a crazy, cool or amazing experience that the world needs to hear about)
We recorded a short audio for how to submit your story, and a “cheat sheet” you can use if you are struggling to identify a good topic, too!

Let’s be honest – the world NEEDS some good spiritual wisdom right now – and some wise words on what it means to be alive, awake and AWARE of what matters most. So share, and join us, as we try to change the world, one short story at a time.

Here is a cheat sheet of light worker questions you can start with, if you need some help coming up with a topic or spiritual story to share.

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