Best Psychics in San Fransisco?

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Q: Who is the best psychic in San Fransisco? Are there any famous psychic mediums in San Fran that are worth seeing?

A. We still get tons of questions from folks looking for psychics in the Bay area, and it’s really hard to recommend just one. It’s also important to remember that who YOU resonate with best, is often not the psychic or medium or spiritual teacher that other folks like and recommend as well.

For example? In THIS list of “best psychics in SF”, without naming names….several of these folks are “psychics” we wouldn’t recommend at all and have had negative experiences with as well. (nothing terrible, just people who may be well intentioned overall, but aren’t especially “psychic”, spiritual or even necessarily WISE, either!”

So who are YOUR favorite SF psychics? Have you seen a medium in the Bay area that you really recommend? Have you been to a spiritual seminar or weekend at a place like Esalen, or Omega, and had a wonderful experience with a healer that we ought to know about?

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