Are deceased family members still able to communicate? How will I know if i’m getting a message from a loved one in spirit? Do I have a guardian angel….and if so, how will I know?

For many people, trying to get evidence that our loved ones are still close, after they’ve crossed, is one of the most challenging and frustrating experiences we can have. (even when we believe in an afterlife, or that our “guardian angels” are always around in spirit after death)

Sometimes the very BEST way to tell if our loved ones are close, is by reading the amazing, inspiring and uplifting spiritual stories of others. It can help give you first hand proof positive that life after death is real, and it can also help you spot the signs from spirit that we all WANT to believe….and yet hesitate to accept, for fear of feeling crazy, nuts or simply imagining it all.

Here are 6 great after death communication stories sure to make you smile. They include a reading with psychic medium Lisa Williams, who provided a grieving family excellent evidence, and proof to them, that their father who had passed, is still involved in their lives, sees their joys and celebrates their happiest occasions, even while on the “other side” 🙂

Check out the full stories at the link following the short excerpt below, and as always, feel free to share your own spiritual stories of connecting with your loved ones on the other side, on our Facebook page, via email, or in the community comments!

“My Kong is falling from the building,” I whispered into his ear as he lay dying in the hospital bed. Since I was a child, I called my father my Kong, after King Kong. I believed that he was just as strong as the giant ape. As he faced death, I did my best to help release him to the next life.

Two months after he passed away my sister called to ask if I would like to go see Lisa Williams, a well-known medium. I was familiar with Lisa from her show on Lifetime, and since I was eager to get a sign from my father, I agreed to go.

The center was packed, with every one of the nineteen hundred seats filled. We were in the second to the last row, way back from the stage.

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