Skeptical of Psychics?

Here is today’s short podcast on being skeptical about psychics, mediums and spiritual “anything”, yet, still allowing yourself the experience of opening up to whatever it is that helps you heal. I confess in this short recording, as I’ve said many times in the past, personally……to being a skeptic myself, even whilst running several communities, and having many good friends who are professionals in the spiritual growth field. (authors, artists, psychics, mediums, spiritual life coaches, healers, et al)

Here are my rules, as i share them with people who ask for advice, when seeking out spiritual advice in time of need, even while being skeptical of what is true.

– Have an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out
– Write down goals, expectations and outcomes before the reading

– Don’t let someone tell you “you’re not ready” or “couldn’t deal” with the info if it’s not accurate or relevant. Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar – and a shitty reading means your “psychic” isn’t really all that psychic. (alloting for of course, many times people just don’t “connect” in lots of ways in life – and that by itself isn’t a bad sign – but if someone tries to tell you that it’s YOUR fault – that’s a red flag)

– Try to channel the “observer” state of consciousness when having a reading that you want to be good – the closer you are to the frame, the harder it is to see the whole picture.

– Try just being open to experience – and allowing what is, to be what is. There is magic in the mystery, and you are entitled to experience all of life with wonder, curiosity, compassion and connection to what inspires you. our rules – don’g have to be your rules – if healing and hope is what you need – allow yourself that privilege of that – regardless of what anyone else tells you

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