Psychic Dreams: The Inspiring, Amazing and Life Affirming Dreams of the Dying (Must See)

am i a medium

This is truly an incredibly uplifting and inspiring glimpse into the magic and mystery of the end of life – and the astounding insights so many of us have when the invisible line between this world, and the next, seems to both blur and beckon.

It’s always amazing to me how much the medical establishment seems to resist sharing or participating in the STORIES of what is most sacred to us – those experiences that are most magical, and meaningful, and helpful and healing, ought to be embraced, rather than ignored.

Watch this – and then share it with anyone you know who may find hope and help and healing in the knowledge that there is so much we don’t yet know….and so much wonder left to explore, both in this life….and quite possibly, in the next one as well 😉

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