Hospital Near Death Experiences

If you are looking for an amazing and inspiring article in a mainstream newspaper (the Washington Post) on some of the incredible spiritual experiences people have at the end of life, check out the one at the link, following the excerpted comments below.

(these are comments from people who have read the article, and are sharing their own personal experiences with what happens at the death beds, of their family members, mostly in hospice, or hospital settings)

These are REAL death experiences of course, not “near death”, but many of the features are very similar, insofar as the people who witness them are “sharing” in the actual transition. It’s very interesting, and very cool to see this sort of stuff making it into the mainstream media, rather than trivialized as the hallucinations or imaginary ramblings of dying brains.

Roseann Potter
7/24/2017 5:41 PM EDT
When I was a hospice nurse I was with a young man and his wife and sons at his deathbed
He had lung cancer
Very young and strong
When he died he was sitting up in bed looking at me
His transparent figure left his body and swirled around the room and was gone
I thought I was seeing things, till his wife came over and fearfully asked me if I had seen John leave his body?
I assured her I had.
He was a strong spirit, but it also told us that we do indeed go on,
It has helped the rest of my life💔
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7/24/2017 10:05 PM EDT
My daughter was with her grandmother when she took her last breath from lung cancer in hospice. She told me she saw her soul leave her body in a similar way. She saw a swirling, transparent light rise up out of her body and then fade away.

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