Your Favorite Psychic Mediums, Healers and Light Workers! (Tell us Who They Are!)

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What has been your favorite psychic reading experience?  Were you ever a skeptic, and die hard NON believer, until having a personal spiritual experience that changed your mind?  Have you had a reading with a medium that has been SO good, that it transformed what you believe about life, death and what happens before, after and in between?

While some of these truly remarkable, life changing experiences can be few and far between for many of us, when they happen….they can have a profound and even life long transformation on how we live our lives, and what we believe about ourselves, and others.

In my own journey, interviewing 100 NDE survivors as part of a “life purpose” survey, was one of the most healing, helpful and hopeful things I’ve ever done, even being agnostic or uncertain what exactly was happening in their brains and bodies , when those folks were near death.

These people just had an energy and quiet sense of certitude about the meaning of life that radiated from their pores…and it was impossible not to walk away from that experience without thinking – “they clearly know something the rest of us don’t!”

I’ve also had the privilege of sitting down with some pretty extraordinary meditation masters, spiritual teachers and inspirational mediums who have changed much of what I believe personally, about our experience of being human.

What about you?  Have you had an incredible, uplifting, inspirational or life transforming spiritual experience?  Have you found a medium who has converted you from a skeptic, to a true believer?  Tell us who…..and how!  We aspire to carefully curate some of the most gifted writers, teachers and healers in the spiritual development space, and share their unique wisdom with the world.  Connect with us on FB, by email, or share in the community comments below.

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