Boston’s Best Psychic?

best boston psychic medium

Who is the best psychic in Boston?  Who are the top mediums in Mass overall?  If you had to pick  ONE psychic medium to visit in Boston, who would it be, and why?

We get tons of inquiries about our favorite Boston psychics, and it should come as no surprise to locals…..that contrary to what many folks believe about the glitzy west coast spiritual scene, or the higher profile NYC psychic landscape, Boston has some of the most hardworking, ethical, accurate and inspirational spiritual healers, teachers, authors and “light workers” in the world.

Psychic mediums like Joanne Gerber, John Holland, Lauren Rainbow and others all have historically done much to support the spiritual arts through the extended MA and NH areas…..and organizations like the NY based ForeverFamily Foundation have long recommended many Boston area mediums as some of the best in the world.

We’ve gotten a few really good recent reviews for Mellisa Peil, and several other “non celebrity” psychic mediums who have really impressed several of our more skeptical, agnostic readers as well… look for complete breakdowns of those experiences in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, who do YOU believe are the top psychics and mediums in Boston?  Share with us on Facebook.….on Twitter, or in the community comments below!

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