We get a fair amount of questions about certified psychics and mediums. People will often visit our directory, and ask us for a list of certified mediums, or they will tell us they had a bad reading with a certified psychic or most often, are just curious and a bit CONFUSED about what psychic certification even means.

The truth, there is very little oversight when it comes to certification in the spiritual services spaces. Someone could start a business, for example, and then CERTIFY the people that they hire, and then advertise those contractors as certified to an unsuspecting or credulous public who believes that means something.

There ARE of course, some organizations that legitimately certify mediums. The Windbridge Institute and the Forever Family Foundation, are two that come immediately to mind. (both are non profits I believe, and both are NOT in the business of profiting from their recommendations)

This graphic shows you 4 questions to ask a psychic or medium who promotes themselves as being certified or tested. You want to know who tested them (or certified them) and equally as important, who certified THAT place, to be qualified to certify YOU.

This can get sort of counterproductive of course, or confrontational, and that isn’t fun…..BUT, if you are about to spend a lot of money on a reading, or have suffered a loss and are putting a lot of weight into what a medium may or may not have to offer you, getting as close to the truth as possible, is key, to avoid feeling disappointed when the reading is over.

(you don’t have to be obnoxious in asking these questions of course, it’s just a way to make sure that the person who has that big CERTIFIED AND TESTED banner on their website, doesn’t own the company who certified and tested them 😉

Even on our own sites, I’ll find people who say those exact words – and often, when I’ll ask about it – it can be an uncomfortable and awkward exchange of emails or information – and quite often, I’ve never heard of (nor has anyone else who works on our sites) the “organization” that certified them as accurate.

This also applies, of course, to ANY site or directory that profits from selling psychic services. (this includes us as well -as we are running a business – not a non profit) So if that directory that you see has a special list of “certified” psychics or mediums, it’s up to you to ask if the organization gets any fees from the folks they accredit, or if they make a commission of any type on sales, or if there is any financial relationship between the parties that the public has a right to know, BEFORE they make a decision on that basis.

Seems fair, right? The same rules that apply to a stock broker or a realtor, should also apply to spiritual help, and articles like these, I hope……help a bit as well.

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