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Everyday we get at least one email, or Facebook message or comment somewhere on our social stream that says, ” if you could choose to see ONE psychic or medium in THIS state, or that city, or THIS part of the world…..who would it be, and why?”

Invariably, people are always asking of course, about their part of the world, or their local town, or even, after being burned by ONE disappointing reading too many, they want to know who WE would choose, in their shoes.  (I’m a natural rhymer, I think I missed my calling 😉

With that in mind, we’ve created a brand new category to represent the TOP psychics or mediums that WE’D pick, in any given city, state or area, based around a bunch of different factors.  (reputation from our side of the street, the relationship and history we have with them – business wise or otherwise, feedback from our own audience

We get A TON of “reviews” that aren’t written down, and never make it on to the members listings, but DO color how we think about many of our own community, even if we can’t technically “publish” those reviews without the consent of the folks who share their experiences.  (good and bad alike)

So this section has just been added as of today, and OUR PICK (reflected on the listing) means that we are highly confident in the talents, trustworthiness and ethics of the person who is bestowed with that tag.  They will have a very special “ICON” on the map (so you can see them clearly when searching) and you will also see “OUR PICK” in the image at the top of their profile as well.

The first additions to the list?

We’ve added Florida psychic medium Heidi Jaffe

Los Angeles Medium Fleur

Traveling medium (but Florida based) Suzanne Giesemann

International medium Gordon Smith

And some other “usual suspects” will be coming, including names you’ve heard of…and many you haven’t.  (which is the real joy of sharing these names with you – the ones you know, you know – but the ones you don’t, you SHOULD!)

Here is the top psychics category.  

If you know of someone who belongs on this list, let us know about them on Facebook, by email, or in the community comments below.

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