Psychics in New York

Looking for an intuitive reading in NYC?  How about seeing a medium upstate on a nice summer weekend?  We’ve had a huge amount of requests for recommendations for the best mediums in NYC, or the top tarot readers, or the best places to get spiritual tools and techniques in the greater New York/NJ area over the summer.

There are some great ways to expand your intuition and increase your spiritual awareness over the summer months in New York.  Our favorites include the Omega Center retreats in Rhinbeck, an adventurous trip to Lillydale, or merely setting out and discovering some of the hundreds of world class psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers throughout our area.

For a short list of famous, well known or reader recommended NYC psychics, check out this updated list:

or –

Tell us who YOU think are the mediums who deserve to be noticed in New York…and around the world.  Connect with us on FB and share, or in the community comments below.

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