Psychic Stories and Spiritual Experiences?

A quick shout out to all of the unsung spiritual seekers, ethereal explorers, psychic junkies, afterlife explorers and luminous light workers we have helping us behind the scenes!

We have just finished a major re-design of the directory AND launched a brand new private community for anyone (and everyone!) who wants to share spiritual stories, exchange experiences and dive deep into the magical and mysterious invisible world – and energy of aliveness that connects us all.

If you are looking for some really cool classes to amp UP your own innate intuitive gifts – and to connect with some truly gifted mediums,healers, transformational teachers, and luminous light workers….we really hope you’ll join us for the next part of our adventure, together 🙂 to share your psychic stories, spiritual experiences, and extraordinary adventures.  (we’ve also got some super cool and innovative intuitive development classes coming in July)

We are also compiling a list of the TOP mediums working in the USA right now in 2017.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations of names not on our list?  We’ve love to hear them.  (these are mediums that are not neccessarily  the most popular, but the psychics and spiritual teachers that their professional peers would most recommend, or most like to see themselves)

Lots of other great stuff happening behind the scenes, so if you are a psychic junkie, it’s going to be an amazing Summer for learning, connecting and exploring your edges and expanding your awareness in all sorts of unexpected ways.  🙂


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