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We get a lot of questions about Paul Selig, especially on our Facebook page. Paul is unquestionably one of the most interesting psychic mediums, channels and “intellectuals” in the spiritual space….and is quite unique and distinct from most of the folks we typically cover on our community. (he also happens to be a very nice guy, based on the few exchanges we’ve had with him personally over the years)

Paul does a wide variety of live events around the country, and while NYC is his home base, we’ve had friends go out and see him at Eslaen a few times over the last few years as well. His channeled events (live and live streamed alike) are accessible, popular and quite unique.

To see Paul Selig in person, he has some exciting events coming up at Eslaen in the fall. (a great spiritual retreat center that needs the support)

To see pauls profile with us, or to follow him on social media, check out his profile below.

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