Who is Your Favorite Celebrity Psychic Medium?

best mediums 2017

We get a lot of readers who are looking for celebrity psychic mediums, and often….are desperate for readings from people they see on TV.

The funny thing is, while there ARE in fact some amazing, inspiring and quite extraordinary mediums on TV (Tyler Henry, in 2017 as we write this….remains the one medium I find the most interesting) there are also tons of super talented psychics and mediums and light workers in every city, town, state and county in the country.

(in other words….you don’t need to spend a fortune, and wait weeks to get a reading, if you truly feel the need to connect right now)

best mediums 2017Who are YOUR favorite mediums in 2017? John Edward, who I’ve seen several times, has fallen off the map a bit, but is still the #1 medium other MEDIUMS want to see, which I think is a testament to how highly he’s regarded in the industry. Theresa Caputo is a bit more of a mixed bag from our perspective…..but she remains very popular with the public for sure.

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