Who are the best mediums in the world?  Is there a list of the TOP mediums or the most gifted psychics who are available for public readings?

It’s not surprising that we get a lot of inquires about a “list of the best mediums”, as of course, we LIST many of the top psychics in many states and countries around the world.  But the ironic thing is, when this question comes up, I often feel like it’s really NOT a question that has a real answer,even if other sites, or other resources “claim” there is one.

Let me give you a quick example.  Someone asked us on our FB page earlier this week, what we thought of THIS list of mediums, purportedly, as the “best”:


In this list, some of the folks mentioned are:

  1. Chip Coffey  (who we know and don’t think belongs on any “best of” list)
  2. Maureen Hancock (who we don’t know and don’t think her credentials, as stated above, warrant it)
  3. George Anderson (who we DO believe belongs on this sort of list……but some of the claims made about him on the page, relative to how “scientifically” tested he is, are simply not true)  He is however, a medium who deserves to be on any “best of” list, simply based on the totality of his history, and his incredible body of work in this field.
  4. That said – 2 of our regular readers went to see George on the same day.  One felt it was a life changing experience, and the other felt it was a complete waste of time.

In other words, as we’ve written about many times before, ANY list of the BEST in any profession, is almost entirely subjective.

It’s an opinion piece, and not based on any factual data.  Chip Coffey may be a super nice person, and someone you’d want to chat with about TV, or his experiences as a “star”, but I’d have no interest in exploring his mediumship gifts, as I don’t feel they measure up to others who don’t have his celebrity, but are much more impressive.

James Van Praagh……to us, fits somewhere in the same bill.  He’s a celebrity for sure, but not someone I’d pay to see, or find that interesting or compelling as an evidential medium at all.

John Edward, on the  other hand, is someone we’ve seen multiple times, including writing a few reviews of his events for larger spiritual magazines and publications, and no matter how maligned he may be, or how criticized he is in some skeptical circles, he DOES have an extraordinary gift, and I believe, is no doubt the real deal.

There are local mediums in every state who are as good as any you’ll  find on any best of list – do your due dillegence and seek them out.

Who do YOU believe are the best mediums in the world….and why?  Any names we ought to know about that we don’t cover here?  Any medums in your city that are SO good….but are relatively unknown?  Let us know about them on FB, by email, or in the community comments below.

In the meantime, you can read the list of the best mediums according to THESE folks, at the link following the short excerpt below.  (not our list, but theirs)

For decades, George Anderson has used his extraordinary gifts to help grieving families communicate with their loved ones in heaven.  A humble, natural-born medium, he has been communicating with spirits since childhood.

George Anderson is a pioneer in the world of mediumship.  According to his website, his accolades include:

  • being the “most scientifically tested medium of this century”

  • being the “only medium invited to Holland by the holocaust-surviving members of the Anne Frank family.





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