Who is the best psychic or medium in San Diego? Is there such a thing? And if so…..who rated them #1?

As always, we get questions on our FB page about our #1 recommended reader in a given area, just about every day. Today’s request came from Don in San Diego. We gave him the same advice we give folks who are searching for psychics, mediums and tarot readers in EVERY city, county, and state in the Country.

First, understand this to be true because it is:

Psychic “ratings” are subjective. And they can vary. (wildly, actually……from session to session)

We spoke to two people at a conference a few years ago, who both went to see the well known Long Island Medium (NOT, that one 😉 George Anderson a bunch of years ago. Both went to see George on the same day. Both are lifelong friends. And both came out with completely different intuitions about his gifts, quite literally…..60 minutes apart. (one thought it was the most spectacular display on spiritual mediumship she had ever seen. The other thought the entire trip was a waste)

So any San Diego psychic that tells you they are 90% accurate, or rarely wrong, or worse still…..if they DON’T connect, it’s YOUR fault in some way?

Be very wary. (you can often see this on their web or social media pages in advance)

As far as recommendations for a reading in San Diego? Well, the first thing you should do is check out our California psychics list, here!

Then, for some folks not on our community, but that we’ve heard good things about from our San Diego friends:

  1. We’ve heard really good things about Kim Ehn
  2. For tarot with a taste of Vedic spirituality, Kabir has come highly recommended as well. (we don’t know him personally, but 5 or 6 of our San Diego readers do)
  3. Slightly outside of the San Diego region but really, really good, is Medium Fleur. (the 1 medium we’d want to see personally that isn’t a household name, but deserves to be)

Who are YOUR top psychic picks in San Diego? Share them with us, good experiences and bad alike are welcome….we aim to keep it real and share truth with other ethereal explorers, so share who you love, and why.

For further reading on picking a psychic, especially a LOCAL psychic, check out the more detailed article on California mediums HERE.  (the advice applies in every city)

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