Light Body Meditation

Q:  What is “light body meditation?”  How does it differ from other kinds of meditative techniques?

light body meditationA:  There are lots of different types of meditation one can do, but “light” body, or energy body meditation is (to my definition) just a simple way of experiencing the loss of conceptual imagery, in this case, of our physical bodies.

So noticing raw sensations in the hands, lets say……or the feet, or the head, is a simple and effective opening to “forgetting” you have hands, or feet, or a head.  And as goofy as that sounds in print (or pixel 🙂 experientially, when you do practice this, you start to feel like you ARE the space where all sensations (hot/cold/itchy/heavy) are arising.

If you take this practice a bit deeper, what happens is, the whole sense of “having a body” disappears, and you simply  feel like the wide open space where the world appears.  This is a beautiful, blissful and boundless experience, and it can be hard to capture in words.

This visualization though, hopefully…..will give  you an idea of the steps, and this audio file will help lead you through the practice as well.

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