Does past life regression therapy work?  Can past lives be remembered through working with a therapist, hypnotist or someone who brings you back to previous lifetimes?  And how can I tell that my past life memories are real?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  If you are anything like many of the people enjoying our articles on past lives, karma, soulmate relationships and finding your life purpose, the allure and appeal of past lives as a “meta” explanation for everything happening in your life, for good and for ill… VERY tempting.

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After all, if it’s all karma, and you don’t have to take real responsibility for your actions right NOW (because it’s always about resolving some sort of other issue, in another time…..past or future) it becomes very easy to get stuck in a rut.

Recycling issues, and staying in bad relationships, becomes easier to justify as well.

So does past life therapy or hypnosis really work?

It depends on who you ask, and what you want to do.

For example?  One of the very first books I read about spiritual experiences was by Carol Bowman, who worked (and still does, I believe) with kids and small children who have past life memories.  I’m not sure if she uses regression on them, but she certainly offers this as a service to adults.  (she and I discussed an appointment together a few years back)

Other well known advocates for past life regression are Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton, both of whom have done really pioneering work in what happens BETWEEN lives, and how karma, soulmates and spiritual connections can transcend lifetimes.

(Dr. Weiss has been on Oprah many times, and really helped bring this topic to the mainstream media attention)

That doesn’t mean that all people who believe in past lives think regression therapy is a good idea.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, for example, wrote many great books on reincarnation, past lives, and karma….and yet, he would never have looked at regression therapy as evidence for anything.  Others who follow in his footsteps at the University of Virginia (where Dr. Stevenson began his lifelong research into reincarnation evidence) include Dr. Jim Tucker, who also eschews hypnosis, or regression analysis for past life memories.  (Dr. Tucker has written some great books on children who remember past lives)

My own thoughts?  It’s an amazing topic to explore, and a fascinating way to understand our spiritual journey, both before death…and after.  I’ve had many fun, entertaining past life psychic readings that have been really helpful, while light, not ultra serious or scary, and don’t require any major investment in time,energy or income either.

What do YOU believe about past life regression?  Share with us on Facebook…..or in the community comments below!


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