What is My Life Purpose?

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that our lives are innately imbued with purpose.

When I was in high school and college, I used to read books on near death experiences, past life memories, and all sorts of “paranormal” experiences that seemed to suggest we come into this life with a karma, and a connection to not only those around us, but to a previous personality, or incarnation or set of experiences.

(I think I can safely say, I was the only guy living in a Fraternity house who spent his Saturday nights reading books on near death experiences, 20 years ago 🙂

I remember having conversations with flabbergasted friends and family about my firm conviction that this life is akin to a dream – a school – an opportunity to grow and flow in the direction of our destiny. The homeless guy – the heiress – the billionaire – the baker – it mattered not to me.

We were all part of this continuous carnival of life, learning and evolving. The goal, I was never 100% sure of…..but over the course of many lifetimes – it was always something worth getting.

Sometime later……I completely dropped the idea, and became disinterested in spiritual experiences. For the most part, for whatever reasons….real life intruding, work, money, relationships, mess, stress and otherwise, I completely lost touch with this earlier version of myself. If not an overt atheist, I certainly stop believing in much.

what is my life purpose psychicThe interesting thing is, over the last few years, I’ve become more convinced that our lives have real meaning. Not just the meaning we make – but meaning that transcends what we can possibly know or understand in our little bodies, with our little brains. There is something bigger, bolder, blissful and more beautiful – of that i’m becoming more and more sure.

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So too, and maybe more convincing, has been talking to hundreds of Near Death Experiencers.

Not because I believe that every NDE is true. But because there IS one truth that many NDE survivors report: Being told they MUST go back, as they had something left to do. That they’re work is not yet finished. That there is much left undone, and they must return to do it.

Out of 120 people we spoke to over the last few years doing NDE research, well over 100 reported this specific thing.

Either that’s a spiritual truth about the Universe, and our roles, and our true purpose……OR, it’s hard wired into our bodies, and our biology to believe it’s true,as a motivator to wake up and live. (Which is also very cool 🙂

So that’s my story. What’s yours?

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