Real Psychic Abilities?

Does it drive you crazy when people say “there is no evidence for psychic abilities?”

It drives me a little nuts, too. (although I think I’m a bit unstable to begin with 🙂

Here is a great collection of peer reviewed, scientific publications on the existence of psychic “powers” across a whole spectrum of studies, and extraordinary experiences. The next time someone laughs at you for believing in “spiritual” stuff….send them here 🙂

The truth is, the people who say “there is no proof for this, or THIS sort of spiritual thing has been “disproven” etc, are almost always smart, but they are also woefully uninformed about what many serious scientists have done with regard to studying extraordinary experiences. Plus of course, there are tens of millions of ordinary people who are quite sane, (or at least as sane as the rest of us 🙂 who HAVE had really unusual things happen that seem to suggest there is much more to life, than meets the eye.

Does that mean that EVERY story or statment made by a spiritual guru or psychic medium is true? Of course not. But it does mean that folks who claim there is NO evidence for psychic ability, are NOWHERE close to being informed.

Check out some of these scientific papers…and see if it doesn’t change your mind. (even a little 😉

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