How Did You Die in a Past Life? (QUIZ)

Do you remember dying in a past life? If so…..HOW so? How did you die, and what do you remember?

Some of the most amazing and inspiring past life memories come from small children who have detailed recollections of not only their lives, but how they passed as well. Dr. Ian Stevenson, one of the first Western Psychiatrists and scientists to study reincarnation, and past life memories in small children, found many cases of children who had verifiable memories of previous personalities and people that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to explain away, but also…..much more interesting, many of these children had the PHYSICAL SCARS that cooresponded with how they remembered dying as well. (typically these were violent deaths, gunshots, stabbings, etc……and the children had birthmarks that matched the wounds they received in the previous lifetime… death)

All very cool stuff…and Dr. Stevenson’s work was SO well regarded, it was actually published in the New England Journal of Medicine. (his book…..21 cases suggestive of Reincarnation” remains one of the most scientifically literate text books on what may happen to us after death)

So…with that little bit of serious science out the way, here is a great little quiz for those who want to know how you died in a past life. 😉 Of course this is more entertainment, than serious spirituality, but it’s a fun way to explore the ethereal realms, and where you may be on your own karmic journey.

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