Why do people call psychics? Why do millions of people visit mediums each and every year? Is it to connect with the souls of those we’ve lost, that have crossed? Is it to get validation that there is more to life than meets the eye? Is it to discover if we’re going the right things, with the right people, living in alignment with our greatest good…..or something quite different altogether?

Melissa Mills mediumThe truth is, people visit different types of psychics for different reasons. Mediums get less people who are OVERTLY looking for career advice, although it often comes up in the reading anyway! Psychics who specialize in love and relationships get less OVERT interest from folks who want to connect with a deceased relative, but that happens too.

Check out a good interview with psychic medium Melissa Mills, where she shares what life is like an upcoming psychic medium, what her most popular client interests are, and how the industry has changed from the stereotype of what a medium looks like, or does, in the general culture as well.

– What are the top five subjects people want to know about regarding their future? In general, what do people hope to discover?

On most occasions it goes: love, life purpose (career), health, family and adventures (travel, hobbies etc).

Hope and reassurance. I honestly believe most people just exist rather than fully living their lives. Many get caught up in the limiting beliefs they put on themselves or others have placed on them. In a reading, I’m able to open up that person to the possibilities available to them.

– How representative is the stereotypical image is of a gypsy fortune teller with a crystal ball in today’s world?

I laugh because that’s what people expect and I am so far away from that! I’m nearly 30, which often shocks people – they expect someone much older. It’s now quite acceptable to visit a psychic medium and there are many more young people using their psychic gifts. In public, psychics are largely indistinguishable from anyone else walking down the street, but I believe you can still find people like that [gypsy style] in markets and fairs, which is cool too.


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