I got a bad psychic reading.  Or rather, I got a psychic reading where she told me bad things would happen.  Should I panic?  Can I change my future?  HELP!  What should I do next?

One of the more common questions we get relates to bad psychic readings, or future predictions that aren’t so happy, cheerful or inspiring.  Said differently, some people see a psychic or medium or spiritual coach, and rather than getting the “I see lots of warm and fuzzy things in your future” , they get some sort of ominous message that causes them some level of dread.  IMPORTANT note:  The vast majority of people don’t have this sort of experience and the vast majority of readers that we know, are tactful, insightful and inspirational, using compassion and natural empathy to connect with clients, and visualize positive, purposeful and empowering options for those in their care.

That said, some people do get “bad” psychic readings.  (both literally, and in the sense of the predictions themselves as well)

Here are a few things to keep in mind when this happens:

1 – NO psychic is 100% prescient.  There is much to life that is outside of the scope of visions of the future.  And no one psychic, no matter how accurate in terms of past predictions, is anywhere near 100% accurate for future ones.

2 – Psychic gifts are a subtle sense, and leave much room for interpretation and intervention.  A psychic or gifted intuitive can sense, feel or see something in your future that feels really, really real…..but just on the basis of you knowing about, and hearing about it, that alone can be the “trigger” you need to change that particular path or future event.

3 – There are many BAD psychics out there, too!  Don’t believe that just because someone told you that your husband is cheating, or that you are going to be in a car accident, that either of those things (or anything else they may say) is true!  Do your due dillegence, use your own intuition and if something feels wrong, or it leads you to fear, worry or not live your life in a way that empowers you or is in alignment with serving your best self, simply ignore it.  (or seek out another opinion, too!)

Here is the key takeaway for psychic readings in general, as they pertain to living your life in a way that makes you better, stronger and more secure.

Life is a grand adventure.  You are the author of your experience, and the hero of the movie that is your life.  You ALWAYS get to choose how you show up, how you live, and how you affect your own future, with conscious and creative action.  No psychic reading or spiritual guidance should leave you feeling life a victim.

For more on some really BAD psychic readings, and how people can be affected by bad fortunetelling, continue reading one woman’s experience, after the short excerpt below.

I was in a terrible time in my life.  I had just finished grad school and had zero direction.  My job ended with school and I had no money and was this close to losing my apartment.  I was borrowing money from my parents for cat food. My boyfriend had dumped me six months previous and I couldn’t get over it and “dinner” was frequently a bottle of red wine from the local convenience store.

I was horribly, horribly depressed. So a night out with a girlfriend to go to a chic bar and get my palm read sounded awesome.   knew that dropping $20 (plus another $20 for drinks and the like) was super-irresponsible considering I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the next month’s RENT, but a night out hiding from all those problems was irresistible. I wanted to dress up, have fancy drinks, laugh with a friend while doing something silly.

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