She Almost Died in a Car Crash. (And this is what it felt like)

What does it feel like to ALMOST die? Not a near death experience, but a “I think I’m going to die” experience where you aren’t even hurt?

There are lots of stories about near death experiences, and everyone has an opinion on what they mean. Some believe they are just the blissful blips of a dying brain. Others believe they are a glimpse into the wonderful world that awaits. (most of the people who HAVE the experiences are convinced they’ve seen the other side)

But what about FEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES? There is very little written about these sorts of “almost died” experiences that don’t involve an actual NDE, but they are incredibly inspirational none the less. If you’ve never read a FDE, here is a really good example of what many people report in these strange spaces where something mysterious, magical and meaningful happens, that remains unexplained. Read the whole thing at the link following the short excerpt below.

This incident was before seat belt laws. The moment that I realized that I was absolutely going through that windshield and going to die, I left this plane.

I was me but wasn’t in my body. I could see and feel all of the experiences of my life thus far. I also felt an indescribable feeling of pure and overwhelming love from people in my life who were alive and who had passed such as my Grandmother. All of the past experiences that I was shown, anyone who was involved in those experiences I could also feel how they felt at the time. But the most important thing I felt was love. From these people I could feel what they felt for me, but I could also feel the love I felt for them as well. It felt like at least 2 minutes that I was somewhere else feeling that love is the most important part of life, but it was actually only a second or two. I never saw a light or a tunnel.

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