Addicted to Psychic Readings?

Q:  Can someone get addicted to psychic readings?  If so……how so, and what is the best way to break the spell?

A:  We’ve written about psychic addiction a bit in the past, and while it’s NOT something that is discussed all that often, it IS something that some people are more prone to experience, than others.

Psychic addiction is really less about “psychic” readings, and more about people who want to change or control their circumstances in some way outside of ordinary life, and seem not to be happy, or not to be comfortable with the circumstances that they are currently navigating…..hence, the reliance on outside, or metaphysical guidance to try to transform what is happening in the present moment.

I know this, because I’ve seen it far too many times to count, and i’ve experienced it myself as well!

How?  In going through a bad breakup a long time ago, I found myself relying on my small network of very close intuitive and spiritual circle of friends to guide me through a difficult time.  But rather than merely wanting “friend” advice, I sought out spiritual or supernatural intervention, from these friends, over and over again…..until one finally had to say – “hey……nothing is different today, than what we already covered yesterday, so maybe it’s time you started to get accountable to yourself, instead of seeking readings that you hope confirm what you’d LIKE to happen, rather than what IS in fact happening in your life”

Or some variation of that advice, anyway.

It was a hard lesson to learn, and it hurt to hear, but it was the best spiritual advice I’d ever gotten.  We all are responsible for our own karma, and life merely serves as a mirror to give us the opportunity to grow, go and flow in the direction of our destiny.

So while psychic addiction CAN be a real “thing”, it’s less about the psychics, and more about the desire to change, control and feel a sense of ownership over what is happening in our lives.  Some people see a shrink everyday.  Others cry to their friends and family.  And others still, seek out psychic or spiritual advice well past the point of it being helpful.

What do YOU believe about psychic addiction?  Do you believe it’s a a problem?  Or is it something that only applies to the extreme examples of people seeking spiritual guidance?

For more on psychic addiction from around the web, check out some different opinions below:

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