How reliable are free readings? Can a psychic reading by email be a real “thing”? And why do psychics or mediums offer free readings in the first place? Is it to be nice, or helpful…..or is there an ulterior motivation behind it?

We get a lot of questions about either free, or hyper low cost psychic readings. The truth is, a free reading is often a really good marketing tool used by ANY professional (be they it a lawyer who offers a free consultation, or a medium who offers a free reading by email)

That said, most busy psychics, mediums or spiritual professionals don’t have a ton of time to accomodate the incredible volume of “takers” they will get when free readings are offered and available. In many cases, free readings are a recipe for disappointment and in our experience, rarely lead to a meaningful, magical and beneficial relationship with a spiritual guide that will serve you and your needs, for important decisions.

With that in mind? The popular cable TV news show (and online magazine) VICE, did a short piece on a journalist who sought out spiritual advice from local toronto mediums after she lost her sister. The rub was, of course….that there WAS no real sister who had been lost. She details her experience with the mediums at the link below, including several of them who offered their services for free as a “lead generation” tool to get her to pay for more expensive psychic services.

am i an empathCheck out the full story at the link following the short excerpt below.

The second reading, also free, was done over email, which I didn’t know was a thing. I had a response in my inbox within 10 minutes of sending out the enquiry message with my name, Emily’s and Emily’s cause of death. Even with the shift in technology, my sister was still doing fine—more than fine, in fact:

“It’s a little different than what she expected on the other side, but she is quite happy and sees things very differently. I get she had a little of a ‘wild’ streak in her,” Psychic Two wrote. She said Emily was mentioning something about clothing and I said she and I had exchanged necklaces.

“She’s saying not to worry about her, she is OK. She says not to worry as she is fine and with you. [S]he wants you to live your life, a happy one,” she wrote back.

Even though the answers were still pretty vague, this was the most detailed description I would get of Emily all day. The Houdini in me was doing backflips. Two for two.

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