Is Tyler Henry Fake?

Is Tyler Henry Fake? Is the Hollywood Medium the real deal….or just another psychic medium or inspirational spiritual teacher doomed to disappoint?

With so many people finding hope, help and healing from psychic mediums, it’s no surprise that many skeptics, cynics and NON believers tend to diminish and disregard the spiritual skills of many of the best known luminaries in the helping and healing spaces. It should obviously be no surprise then, that Tyler Henry has become the target of much derision from the very folks who believe that ALL psychics and mediums are fake, fraudulent and simply making it ALL up.

tyler henry scam
is tyler henry real
In this issue of “Doubtful News”, the author of this piece (a well known skeptic and paranormal de-bunker) puts Tyler Henry in her crosshairs, and attacks his credibilty and bona fides in a whole bunch of different ways. The truth is, regardless of how much “science” she attempts to incorporate in her take down of Tyler Henry, she simply has NO idea whether or not her skepticism is warranted, or not.

Here is a simple question:

Do YOU believe in life after death? Do you have an intuition that consciousness or the YOU that makes up the central piece of the puzzle that IS in fact, you……continues on after physical life ends? And if that IS in fact true…what do you believe happens to that awareness when the body is no longer animated with life? Is it possible that you can still communicate with those of us in the living? And IF that is true, (as most people DO believe) what is to say that someone especially gifted cannot be a conduit to communicating beetween this world and the next?

Tyler Henry seems to have appeared out of nowhere to wow celebs like the Kardashians (who seemed a bit too easily wowed by just shiny things). But that’s all we have from Tyler. He’s not shown the world what he says he can do. Susan Gerbic writing at Skeptical Inquirer online looked into this psychic newcomer to see what’s what. It isn’t any less icky than the usual psychic swill. It’s a good story about psychic awakening. He says he just wants to help people (don’t they all) including parents of suicides (that makes him, as Susan says “people who prey on families when they are the most desperate and vulnerable”). Some may argue that his kind of help during bereavement is actually beneficial. Others say he is just another (albeit innocent looking) “grief vampire” like the late and often mistaken Sylvia Browne or the several other psychics who get rich taking money from those who fervently believe psychics can talk to their lost loved ones.

  1. Eeper

    I’m a psychic medium. I have been psychic since I had a near death experience when I was 12 years old after I was smacked hard on the head by a fat old nun in the 7th grade.

    I have successfully predicted numerous future events, some of them being; I predicted that the sun would rise in the morning which it did, and it would set in the evening which it did; I successfully predicted that the sky would go black at night and the moon would appear. All of this is documented as true phenomena.

    I once psychically communicated with the late actor Jackie Gleason on the night of a full moon, and I even saw Mr. Gleason’s big, jolly face in the center of the moon as he spoke to me. Bang! Zoom!

    Right now I’m psychically sensing that there will be another tomorrow and something new will happen.

    I also predict that someone will die and someone will be born. I also predict that somewhere someone will be sitting on a toilet strumming a guitar.

    Boy, I sure wish I made several million bucks a year telling these revelations on my on TV show!

    1. goodkarma

      I have a prediction for you, too! You are going to use the same computer and the same IP address, (174. 215. 1. 180) BUT (and here is the twist) DIFFERENT email addresses (sneaky – but not smart, you silly goose! 🙂 to waste precious hours of your life, leaving silly comments on blogs – that you think are clever – (but really are fairly boring – even for low hanging fruit like “psychic” insult humor) only to discover that someone on the other end was kind and gracious and compassionate enough to actually publish your folly – rather than leaving you in the ignominous spam bin – like most of your other late night trolling activities, elsewhere – always seem to land. Keep up the good work, go Dodgers and may you be fruitful and multiply.

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